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A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard convention accepted worldwide for distributing and projecting movies in a digital format. DCP creation is the final step in Film Production for the delivery of a digital, high-resolution master for distribution to Digital Cinema screens.

  • Slide | Ad Film conversion in J2K format
  • DCI standard conversion
  • All Digital cinema server supported
  • 100% Money back guaranty if not satisfied
  • Quick content delivery

Source Material

Image Resolution | Format
2048(w)*858(h) pixel | .JPG 300dpi
Audio Format
.wav, mp3
Video Format
.mov , .mp4

Conversion Rate

Slide (Mute / Audio) Up to 30Sec
Just Rs. 499/-
Slide (Mute / Audio) Up to 60sec
Just Rs. 799/-
Ad Film (Video) Up to 30Sec
Just Rs. 999/-
Ad Film (Video) Up to 60SecJust Rs. 1199/-

Send source file

How to send source material ?
Send attachment / link on "" (Call on 96620 72707)

Content Delivery

How you will receive J2K file ?
We will send attachment / link on your given mail

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